Who We Are

“Our home is where the heart is” goes a famous saying and it is all so true to its last word. No matter where ever we go, we would finally want to return to the comfort of our homes. Home is not just brick and mortar, it’s about the feeling of belongingness you get once you reach there. A home is a dream, lot of efforts and creativity combined to make one single dream. A home gets a real meaning only once you are done with its interior and other hardware fittings. We at Lyfe Hardware, a proudly American company, provide a wide range of hardware fittings to suit all your needs to fulfill that real meaning. We are an online retail hardware fittings and fixtures dealer selling more than five hundred different varieties of products. We deal with a wide variety of products starting from hinges, hooks, brackets to bathroom accessories and cabinet ware.
Our vast product range includes bathroom accessories, curtain accessories, door knobs and locks, door handles, latches, hooks and brackets, signs and letter plates, lettering, numeral, hinges, Cabinet ware and so on