Frequently Asked Questions

Handrail Project Planning Questions

We offer customizations to suit your needs! Just shoot us an email at with your specifications such as the exact length, preferred diameter size, and finish, and we'll provide you with a link for your custom order.

Alternatively, if you're open to trimming the tubes yourself, you can purchase a slightly longer standard length. To shorten your rail, use a hacksaw or a chop saw with a metal cutting blade to cut a piece of standard size tubing until it reaches the desired length. We recommend using a miter box whenever using a hacksaw to ensure straight cuts. Don't worry too much about the ends, as they can be covered by the end caps or brackets.

Our rails are split for ease of shipping and safety. If your order exceeds 6 ft in length, it will be cut and then joined using the provided splice.

For the ends,  we recommend coating the inside of the end of your tubing with an adhesive before inserting the wall returns/end caps for a permanent bond. Alternatively, you can wrap the stem of the wall returns/end caps with masking tape or electrical tape several times before sliding it into the tubing for a snug fit.