Antique Rustic Large Door Pull Handle

Try Our Exclusive Rustic Finish Large Cast Iron Door Pull Handle - Brand New - Solid Cast Iron - Mounting Hardware Included Dimensions: Approx. 21” Long x 2.8” Wide **Listing includes 1 door handle **
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Designed to make an impact, this door pull handle boasts a rustic finish that adds character and old-world charm to any door. Its robust appearance, with a rich texture and weathered look, fits perfectly with traditional and rustic decors. At approximately 21 inches in length, it provides a substantial grip, making it both a practical and decorative piece for large doors on barns, vintage shops, or classic homes.

The solid cast iron construction of this door handle ensures durability and longevity. It is designed to be comfortable to grip while providing a stable and secure means of opening and closing large doors. The handle comes with all the necessary mounting hardware, making it straightforward to attach to your door.

This large door pull handle measures approximately 21” long by 2.8” wide, providing a generous handhold for ease of use. Its substantial size makes it suitable for larger doors where a strong, reliable handle is required. The listing is for one door handle, allowing you to purchase the exact quantity needed for your project.

Elevate the functionality and style of your entryways with our Antique Rustic Large Door Pull Handle. Whether you’re creating a statement entrance for your home or adding a vintage touch to a commercial property, this handle combines the best of robust practicality and elegant, rustic aesthetics. Bring home a blend of history and quality with this standout door accessory.