Matte White Large Door Pull Handle

Bored of Matte Black? Try our refreshed Matte White Range Large Cast Iron Door Pull Handle - Brand New - Solid Cast Iron - Mounting Hardware Included Dimensions: Approx. 21” Long x 2.8” Wide **Listing includes 1 door handle **
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Move over matte black, the Matte White Range is here to make a statement. This door pull handle's clean, matte white finish offers a sleek, contemporary look, perfect for bringing a bright and refreshed feel to any door. The crisp white color provides a striking contrast on darker doors or a harmonious blend with lighter color schemes, suitable for both residential and commercial properties seeking a chic touch.

This solid cast iron handle is not just about looks; it's built to last and easy to grip, making it ideal for heavy-duty use on large doors. At approximately 21 inches long, it ensures a comfortable hold for a secure and smooth operation. The inclusion of mounting hardware simplifies the installation process, allowing for a quick update to your door's functionality and style.

The dimensions of this substantial door handle are approximately 21” in length and 2.8” in width, making it a commanding presence on any door. The large size ensures usability and an enhanced visual impact. The matte white finish is a part of a broader range, offering a unified look for additional hardware within the same setting.

Elevate your doorway with our Matte White Large Door Pull Handle, the latest addition to our Matte White Range. Whether you're looking for a refreshing update or a durable solution for frequent use, this handle combines style with practicality. Bring a piece of modern elegance to your doors today and feel the difference a simple change can make.